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Männchen mit VR-Brille
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Zeichnung, hände real und VR
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A new kind of therapy setting
New possibilities with Virtual Reality and Gesture Control.

Each year, 15 million people worldwide suffer a stroke. One-third are left permanently disabled. Loss of hand function or a restricted field of vision are among common handicaps.

Combining virtual reality and gesture control opens up a whole new spectrum of possibilities and creates a new kind of therapy setting that is motivating, repetitive, intensity-adjusted, taskoriented, intuitive and interactive.

The playful design will encourage patients to persevere with more intensive therapy, and their progress becomes more accessible and visible to them.

The aim of these interactive illusions is to stimulate neuroplasticity and thereby increase the chance of recovering. uses widely available hardware and can be applied at home as well as in therapeutic communities or rehabilitation centers.


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